Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hey, check out the latest schmucks trying to rip us off!

A couple of no life fuckers from Wisconsin who apparently don't know how to use Google decided it was a great idea to use the name "Black Hole Media Co." to Youtube a bunch of boring ass game vids for other assholes who can't move out of their parents' houses!

Oh, yeah, they have a Twitter account too.

That's cute. Your firstest Tweet. And it's only 2014!

(Real rocket science adding that "U" to the end of "blackholemedia". About as brilliant as that other twat from Cincinnati who tried to get away with "@blacholemedia" and dropping the K or some shit.)

Um. For all we know (and don't care), you are perhaps aware that we already exist, and lack the adequate self esteem to realize that this makes you look like a bunch of fuckin' tools. It's OK, bunkies, we'll just outlive you like we have outlasted everybody else since 1984. 

But, in a way, we hope you really make it, kids.

We hope you become gazillionaires. Seriously, we do.

Then we'll have our attorney kick your asses up and down the legal system, clean out your bank accounts, and repay you the courtesy. 

Good luck with all that. We'll be watching.

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