Monday, July 21, 2014


Black Hole Media Co. was established in 1984, but was named as such not because it was merely a catchy name. Of course, we are now aware that it is a good name, seeing as to how many parties have tried to co-opt, and even outright steal, the term "Black Hole Media" over the past thirty years. However, the name of our organization is meant to promote the revolutionary philosophical school of thought which Michael Psycho has been developing and researching for over three decades. Back in 1984 Michael Psycho labeled this school of thought under the collective term "Black Hole Media".

Black Hole Media can be described as having the basic goal of providing the encouragement as well as the means  to transmit and distribute organic, democratically driven information breaking the iron grip of Establishment Media control of information.

One of the easiest ways to provide a brief idea of the principles of Black Hole Media would be to compare the desired result of Black Hole Media to the current structure and method of the Establishment Media.

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The Establishment Media sits at the top of the process, with a seemingly default air of omnipotence and supreme power.  It needs no approval or input from the audience it serves. Its well being depends solely upon the efficient flow of profit and the assembly line of art and information, cheaply made and spoon fed to the lowest common denominator of the masses. 
Black Hole Media is an endless cycle: The people influence the media, which forms and disseminates the message, which reaches the people, who influence the media and so on in circular manner. Under ideal conditions, the media becomes efficient and valid, the message is transparent and satisfactory, and the people are enlightened as well as engaged in the artistic and informational activity of their time.

Our mission is to inspire free thought, aid free expression, and promote original and ethical artistic, sociological and intellectual creation through all forms of media which exist presently and which will be created in the future. In doing so we are confident that an alternate and open-minded second culture will appear worldwide which will eventually confront and even engulf the tired rotting corpse of financially blinded endeavor which is the state of the Establishment Media of today.


We invite you to participate in our vision of a world which includes and successfully initiates Black Hole Media. Please feel free to visit us at, through our Twitter feed (@blackholemedco; it used to be "blackholemedia" but some posuers took that one after we dropped it) or subscribe to this blog for periodic updates. We also have a Youtube channel (blackholemediaco) where you can reach us fairly easily. 

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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hey, check out the latest schmucks trying to rip us off!

A couple of no life fuckers from Wisconsin who apparently don't know how to use Google decided it was a great idea to use the name "Black Hole Media Co." to Youtube a bunch of boring ass game vids for other assholes who can't move out of their parents' houses!

Oh, yeah, they have a Twitter account too.

That's cute. Your firstest Tweet. And it's only 2014!

(Real rocket science adding that "U" to the end of "blackholemedia". About as brilliant as that other twat from Cincinnati who tried to get away with "@blacholemedia" and dropping the K or some shit.)

Um. For all we know (and don't care), you are perhaps aware that we already exist, and lack the adequate self esteem to realize that this makes you look like a bunch of fuckin' tools. It's OK, bunkies, we'll just outlive you like we have outlasted everybody else since 1984. 

But, in a way, we hope you really make it, kids.

We hope you become gazillionaires. Seriously, we do.

Then we'll have our attorney kick your asses up and down the legal system, clean out your bank accounts, and repay you the courtesy. 

Good luck with all that. We'll be watching.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Now, we've had the name "Black Hole Media", as well as our logo, co-opted a few times in the past, but this takes the cake.

Since we've been around awhile, like USA Today, we welcome the endurance contest. Considering that the American Establishment Media newspapers of today currently have a future as promising as an ice cube in Death Valley, we're sort of looking forward to riding this one out. After all, you know what they say about imitation.

Saturday, June 30, 2012


Yeah, OK. We are back into We even got that scrobbling doohickey worked out again. And the even nicer thing that we noticed is that we have one bitchin' "Library Radio" going on over thar. By all means, if you are bored at work and don't have Websense blocking all of your shit, be sure to drop by and check out what seems to match our audio player collection to a scary level.

BHMC's Library Radio on

Thursday, November 24, 2011


We at Black Hole Media Co. are pleased to announce our new site makeover. Drop on by and check out our one stop surfing for all things Black Hole Media.

Also, we have secured the site address of as a site redirect. The previous site address of will still be in operation and in function online. Come on over.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


There is a small circle of those who are innovative, creative people who are controlling the technology, the ideas, the manufacture of goods.

There is a much larger circle outside of that which consists of those who are consumers, passive and doing work which entails simply labor for the benefit of the inner circle, earning money only to turn it back toward the purchase of goods and services strictly of a one way, consumptive nature.

With the passing of time, the inner circle has become increasingly intelligent and technologically advanced, and has increased in control of the intellectual property, as well as the created work. It has also shrunk in size.

The outer circle has increased gradually with population growth, has become more passive and uncreative, and has actually become less intelligent as a whole, due largely to a dramatic decrease in active critical thinking. Technological developments in recent times have contributed to this decline in intelligence, as it is aimed at passive consumption for profit.

To sum, as technology becomes more advanced, the inner circle of producers becomes smaller, more in control of the actual technology, and smarter, and the outer circle becomes larger, more passive and consumptive, and dumber.

Whether this is intentional or coincidental is a query worth exploring.

Whether this is potentially harmful to the world’s population and, in general, its future is a question worth asking.

This is an ongoing Black Hole Media Co. project. More information will be found in the future at our website: Please subscribe to this blog for more details, which will be announced in time to come.